Safety Policy and Manuals

What we do?


Conduct basic safety training for our employees to provide an overall awareness about the job hazards in industry. We provide briefing on topics (such as confined space entry, lockout / tag out and other safety procedures.

Safety Planning

We encourage our employees in planning safety, into work activities to make sure that equipment; material and personal do the job safety from the beginning.

Tracking and Recording

To review, monitor and follow up for unsafe practices, violations and conditions identified during site inspections and in the site inspection reports.

  • We provide all required PPE (personal protective equipment) for our employees.
  • We provide all required first aid kits.
  • We provide all required safety equipments.

Safety Policy

Safety is an essential part of. The provision of safe working conditions is of the utmost importance to IDS. No activity on the project will ever be of such importance than safety.
This will be achieved by setting up safety organization and defining the safety responsibilities for each level of employee

  • Providing the necessary ongoing safety instructions and training for both new recruits and employees.
  • Supplying the necessary means for a safe working environment and for adequate personal protection.
  • Supervising continuously all working activities.
  • Ensuring accurate reporting and investigation of any accidents and for injuries.
  • Encouraging, whenever possible, discussion on safety matters.
  • Ensuring the necessary first aid and medical assistance.
  • Providing financial allowances to implement this policy.
  • Ensuring that Saudi Arabian Government qualifies all heavy equipment operators and drivers.
  • Prepare a suitable Method Statement for the execution of the most critical works.

IDS will ensure that it will develop and maintain a Safety Management System that provides a safe working environment and prevent the occurrence of accidents, which may result in:

  • Injury to or ill health of any person employed or not.
  • Damage or destruction to Glittering Horizon and Company installations and property.
  • Shut down of any operational activities.

Every manager and foreman will be responsible for the health and safety of its employees and for ensuring that the working conditions do not pose a risk to the health of other persons.

To think safety – Plan safety – Implement safety!

To that end it is of fundamental importance that all project personnel realize that their personal safety and well being depends on giving conscientious day to day attention to the potential hazards in every, task that they perform. This Safety Plan is not intended to cover every eventuality, but instead is prepared to provide a description of the safety program elements plans to accomplish at the jobsite.
IDS commitment for this is to control the circumstances that can lead to accidents. Therefore, our safety goal shall be “ZERO ACCIDENT”
This is recognized as an achievable goal since we treat every accident as preventable and thus avoidable.