Construction Department

What we do?

Construction Department

M/s. Industrial Development Services has very organized, experienced and skillful staffs, which are always keen to achieve their motto,

“Customers satisfaction at all the time”

We provide 100% assistance to our clients by providing following steps:

  • Planning & design for projects
  • Modification and developing new techniques in different projects according to the demand of clients.
  • Inspection and testing of work during construction to maintain high quality and standards for which IDS is recognized.

Specialization in different fields

Our activities include engineering works, major building projects, Structural Fabrication work, maintenance works and painting services. We have established many projects as main contractor & sub-contractor. Now our jobs are expanding to include many sites under the supervision of the Royal Commission. It is IDS policy is to develop and train our labor force by providing specialists in the area of Construction and Engineering. In this regard we believe that we have been very successful in this field.